May 14, 2010

The Cleveland LeBrons...

Ok I figured that would catch some of you basketball folks out there. So now the Cleveland LeBrons are on an early vacation.

Ladies & Gentlemen of the jury, how many of you are actually surprised by this??

*looking around* I see a few hands up out there, a couple of shrugs, but for the most part no one is.

Now, Brother Phlip, posted up about the Cleveland Collapse and he goes in on the different ways that Cleveland failed as a basketball team to include the "King" LeBron...

HOWEVER (note: Sorry Phlip, I had to do it)....

I see this rather differently....

Maybe LeBron wasn't really hurt... he just SAID he was hurt to:
  • Gain sympathy from the home team & fans (although he might not have may after the way he played).
  • Say that was the reason for his crappy play

he completely TANKED these games so bad so that he could be given a reason to leave Cleveland.

I mean think about it... he said post game that his team got spoiled that he was doing all the work. Wouldn't that piss off your whole team to want to get rid of you??

Plus let's look at this fact also... this year, he is now a free agent. Because of his name alone (granted not his championship caliber, but his NAME), he can go to whatever team he wants to.

But let's be real about the situation, the writing has been on the wall for a long time & most say that he will go to New York.

How can I say that? Very easily, actually... let's look at the evidence.

How many pictures have been shown of LeBron hanging out with some of NY's so-called Elite?
How many pictures have been shown of LeBron wearing a NY Yankee Ball Cap? For that matter, he's even been to a number of Yankee games. How many CLEVELAND INDIAN games has he been to?? As far as I know, NONE!!!

Plus the Knicks have cleared out a gang of money by getting rid of a good portion of scrubs that they have. Add to the fact that D-Wade will be a free agent this year as well. The possible talks are of bringing the two together to put them on a so-called Super Team.

Now will this actually happen??? Who knows. It's possible, but this summer's NBA trade and draft will be interesting to say the least.

Plus, I LOVE this picture too, seeing that I know the source & it's great!!!

LeBron getting pwnt by Rondo

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  1. Okay, so one person catches that Stephen A reference, I am laughing at that one.

    I agree that he was either more hurt than he let on, or was Paul Pierce'ing us, and that is to say that he was not THAT hurt at all. I am all about this post, I cosign one million percent about him using this to be his excuse to split town.