March 26, 2012

An Analysis of Tim Tebow

Now I’m not a long time football fan. I just started getting into it I’d say around 93-94, but really seriously started watching in 95. I mean I started watching during the time when the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida State Seminoles were the two ungodly teams to beat in college football. As far as pro football goes, now I’ve caught a few games growing up, like a few Super Bowls here and there (Chi 85 and the NYG 91) but it was limited.

So in my watching I’ve seen players come and go. But none have caught the world stage like this new guy by the name of Timotheus Tiberius Tebow (I know that’s not his official full gov’t name, but it sounds good to me. In fact, I don’t even KNOW his middle name and don’t really care). I mean no one is questioning the dude as far as the type of person he is, or his beliefs.

HOWEVER, what does come into question are his skills on the field. In the law of averages, he would be at the bottom of the curve. I mean for 3 quarters he stinks up the joint, but in the 4th he goes into, I don’t know, like a Captain Caveman mode and turns into a live action John Madden Football game, putting up points and stats that a worse QB would love to have!

And this is where the problem comes in. Some of the analysts and fans say that “That’s all he needs. The first 3 quarters don’t matter”. But yet others say an all-around game not just in the 4th is needed. And that’s where the debate gets muddled.

People have said that John Elway and Coach John Fox dealt him a raw deal by saying that they never believed in him from jump. I don’t think so. So while I was mowing the lawn earlier today, I had one of my Epiphonic Thoughts (yes that is a phrase that only I use on a regular because sometimes my thoughts are...... Epiphonic *hand jive*) and came up with a layman-terms way to describe the Tebow Scenario.

Picture This Scene *imagination/flashback sound effect*:

You work for a company on a regular 8 hour shift and this new guy starts working there with a lot of fanfare from other people on the job, including a few higher-ups. Now, you’ve heard that this dude isn’t all that great and he lacks a few fundamentals to work the job, but he was hired on anyway to work in the mail room.

Now the guy that’s beside you he’s been doing well, but it’s not enough. He has a couple of bad days in the office and brings production down, and so everyone wants to have the new guy take his place immediately. Giving in to pressure from all sides, the Department Manager and General Manager bring him in & tell him to go for what he knows. So this guy starts off working with you full time. But you’re noticing something off. For about 6 hours, he works completely below standard that your department sets for itself. But in the last two hours of the work day, he (somehow) gets motivated and does great work and nearly everyone loves it!!

You’re thinking to yourself: “Hold up…. Who allows someone to work like this and get away with it?” You also realize that he’s not that good at the position that he was given, but if he were utilized in a different department all-together, he’d be great. The Department Manager and General Manager have their hands tied for the time being because he’s getting results, but not that often. You bust @$$ daily to do your job the best you can the entire day and your efforts are ignored because this dude has become the darling of the company.

But in the back of the mind of the two managers that brought him in, they’re thinking: “Ok he does get results… but not to company standards”. So for a year this goes on and a few others are starting to see this guy as not a great worker, but the results he generates can’t be denied.

Addendum - While management holds doubts on the employee, he totally wins over his co-workers and gets them to work harder than they ever have, thus making the company benefit from OVERALL increased production across the board.

So it now comes time for the end of the year evaluation. Majority of the office and department want the guy kept…but wait:

A veteran has been working in the same field for over 13 years and he was let go by the company he was with for that entire time. This vet has guaranteed work ethic for the entire day!
So your DM & GM make a decision that we should get this guy as fast as possible and send the other guy packing as well for not really being able to produce like he should. So the Vet gets brought in and the new guy gets Future Endeavored so another company can hire based solely on his hype and rough-shod work ethic.

Now, replace the new guy with Tim Tebow and the Vet guy with Peyton Manning and that’s basically the situation in its entirety!!!

Now I know it’s not that simple, but if you really and truly think about it…

Look at everything happening up to this point and replay it all in your mind and you will see that…

Yeah, it is.

December 2, 2011

Merry ChristMEHs

What I’m about to say will probably be met with some reservations by others.  But you know, these are my thoughts and my feelings.  So I make no apology for that.

I’m not a Christmas person.  I don’t buy into it at all.  The commercialism, the over-all supposed feelings of it... at some point and time, will I feel different about it?  Maybe, but it’s doubtful.  I know I’m gonna hear that it’s about Joy, Love, Peace, etc. etc… that’s all well and good, but if you only talk about that once a year, and no other time, something’s wrong with that.

I don’t care if you call it Christmas, X-Mas, the Holidays…. In the end, it’s all the same. 

Now… I know I will hear the age old line: “Well Jesus is the reason for the season”.

So let me ask this question: Why do you continue to live and push the lie that’s been pushed for over 17 Centuries??

Let me break it down:

  1.     Biblically speaking, SHOW me proof that his birthday is mentioned as being December 25th.  You can’t because it’s not!  That date was decided by the Empire in the mid-4th Century.
  2.     Christmas was only brought about because the Emperor superimposed Jesus’ Birth with Dies Natalis Solis Invicti which means “the birthday of the unconquered sun”, which also marked the day of the Festival of the Winter Solstice.  It was done to counteract the Paganistic Ritual Festival.
  3.     Santa Claus is an amalgamation on several historical figures (real and imaginary) that I won’t go into here... but for all we know, he could be Homeland Security

Now as I stated before:  will my feelings about the “holiday” change?  Maybe.  But until that day that someone can give me pure definitive proof and evidence to the contrary, then and only then will my mind be changed.

But until then, I will stand by my statement that I could care less about “the holiday”.

What I do hope is that you do some research and see that sometimes what we are told is not always true.

September 21, 2011

"To All" A Message from Troy Davis

Tonight, America's soul has just burned.  The state of Georgia has just murdered an innocent man named Troy Davis.  I'm not gonna get into the case specifics right now.  I'll do that later.  But for right now, I'm just gonna post up his final words to the people.
"To All:
I want to thank all of you for your efforts and dedication to Human Rights and Human Kindness, in the past year I have experienced such emotion, joy, sadness and never ending faith. It is because of all of you that I am alive today, as I look at my sister Martina I am marveled by the love she has for me and of course I worry about her and her health, but as she tells me she is the eldest and she will not back down from this fight to save my life and prove to the world that I am innocent of this terrible crime.
As I look at my mail from across the globe, from places I have never ever dreamed I would know about and people speaking languages and expressing cultures and religions I could only hope to one day see first hand. I am humbled by the emotion that fills my heart with overwhelming, overflowing Joy. I can’t even explain the insurgence of emotion I feel when I try to express the strength I draw from you all, it compounds my faith and it shows me yet again that this is not a case about the death penalty, this is not a case about Troy Davis, this is a case about Justice and the Human Spirit to see Justice prevail.
I cannot answer all of your letters but I do read them all, I cannot see you all but I can imagine your faces, I cannot hear you speak but your letters take me to the far reaches of the world, I cannot touch you physically but I feel your warmth everyday I exist.
So Thank you and remember I am in a place where execution can only destroy your physical form but because of my faith in God, my family and all of you I have been spiritually free for some time and no matter what happens in the days, weeks to come, this Movement to end the death penalty, to seek true justice, to expose a system that fails to protect the innocent must be accelerated. There are so many more Troy Davis’. This fight to end the death penalty is not won or lost through me but through our strength to move forward and save every innocent person in captivity around the globe. We need to dismantle this Unjust system city by city, state by state and country by country.
I can’t wait to Stand with you, no matter if that is in physical or spiritual form, I will one day be announcing,
Never Stop Fighting for Justice and We will Win!"

Welcome to AMERIKKKA

July 18, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the... something not necessarily the Moon

Ok any and everyone that knows me, knows that I am a Transformer fan.  Being a child of the 80s basically meant that I had some of them in my collection of toys & action figures (note: I still have some of them, wish I still had a few others) and watched the cartoons RELIGIOUSLY!!!
So when it came time to hear about the new Live Action films, of course I wasn’t gonna miss em!!
So as time went by I watched the first one.  It was fun for what it was.  Second one wasn’t all that great, but still interesting nonetheless.
So now we get to the final movie in the series.  I get a chance to watch it, and after it was over, I was hyped and enjoyed it… but for some reason, my Spider-Sense (note: Marvel/Disney please don’t come after me for using that) was tingling something fierce.  It was like my mind was telling me that somehow, somewhere, I had seen this all before.
I paid it no mind and moved on.  So, over this past weekend, I did a marathon of the original G1 Transformers cartoons, and that’s when it hit me like a Plastic Surgeon to a Kardashian.
I HAD seen the third movie before. 

Ok, so Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the third and final installment of the Live Action Transformers movies.  The whole story behind it is that Sentinel Prime has been found in stasis on the moon and was reawakened by Optimus Prime.  Well it turns out that Sentinel holds the power to create a space bridge powerful enough to bring Cybertron to Earth.  So Sentinel betrays the Autobots and aligns with the Decepticons to get the job done.  I mean Sentinel was so BEAST in this that he even punked Megatron…. and NO ONE punks Megatron.  EVER!!!
*End Spoilers.  Ok you can read again*

Ok, so you got that?  Good.  Store that in your memory banks for a few minutes.  So now, let’s take a trip back in the TARDIS to 1984/1985.  In Season One of OG Transformers, there was a three episode mini-series that was done called: The Ultimate Doom. *insert scary music sound clip here*
Here’s the synopsis: "The Ultimate Doom" is a three-part episode in the first season of the original Transformers cartoon series. In it, Megatron pulls Cybertron into Earth's atmosphere, which plays havoc on the ecosystem and causes a slew of natural disasters.

There you have it folks!!!!!  The Third Transformers Movie is a bad rehashing of a G1 mini-series!  Of course, if they were to actually do up the story from this, it could’ve been done way better.  And yes this does include Megatron getting punked… because when have you ever seen OD Megatron get turned into a whipping boy by anyone??  Yeah he’s taken some beat downs, but to get seriously Gimped like that???  NEVER!!!
Now I’m sure these episodes are online somewhere in the vastness of the Interwebs, so I’m sure you can do a judgment call for yourself and see.  If not, I’ll post em up if I can find them.

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have submitted to you evidence showing that the “writers” of the third Transformers Movie have basically gone into Teletrann-One and snuck out files from the database to make it seems like this is a brand new storyline.
I leave the verdict in your hands.  I rest my case.

July 3, 2010

A Moment for the Fourth of July

I’ve never been the Patriotic-type, where I fly the flag on my house or wear it on a tie.  But you see, as an American Citizen that is a right that I have.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my country.  I just never have been the flag waving type of person.  As tomorrow is the Fourth of July, mostly everyone will enjoy the fact that we will be having cookouts and BBQs all over the country. 
HOWEVER!!!  I think we as Americans have totally forgotten one of the main reasons that we have this holiday.  Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States.  But, one thing that we haven’t mentioned is the fact that our soldiers are not getting the love that they really deserve.
Now why would I say this?  I look back at American History and see what we’ve done to/for our soldiers.  When they came home from World War II, they were greeted with adoration and respect.  As the years progressed, we had the Korean War and our soldiers still got the respect that they deserved.  But, once the Vietnam Conflict came about, when our soldiers came home, they were completely vilified by US: The United States citizens!  We shunned them, treated them like they were Satan’s Stepchildren, and basically told them “Thank you for fighting, but go to hell.”  In some respects, after our troops came home from the first Gulf War, we ALMOST treated them the same way. 
The liberties that we’ve taken for granted are because these men and women made a choice to serve their country by going into the military do not.  All those people that complain about the military wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude to even think of going out there to do what they do on the front line.
Now I know the couple of you are wondering: Where is all of this coming from?  Well for me, the military has been in my family for a long time.  My paternal grandfather, Cornelius Henderson (R.I.P.) fought in World War II.  My maternal grandfather, Retired Sergeant Major Jack Chatman Sr. was in the Vietnam War… not only that, but he was in the Army for over 30+ years before he decided to call it quits.  My father is a proud Vietnam Veteran.  My uncle Victor was both Air Force and Navy for many years.  So as you see I am DAMN proud and blessed that the military has been in my family for years.  To add to this, but a good many in my circle of friends are currently military now (Manny who is in Afghanistan right now, Kina, and Keith) and two that are former military (Dave & TC) {side note: shout out to The Conglomerate}…
I say all of this for a few reasons.  One this has been sitting on my heart all day thinking about it & I needed to get this written out before I completely forgot it.
Also to say this: you might have a differing opinion than mine about Iraq War: The Sequel and Afghanistan: The Sands of Time, that’s fine & I can accept that.  But I think despite that, I think it is safe to say (at least on my part) that we all want our soldiers to come back home to their loved ones and family and friends in one body and one mind. 
Those of us that aren’t in can’t truly fathom what you all go through on a day to day basis whether here at home or abroad.  Even if you told me the stories every day, it would still continue to amaze me every single time.  Not because the stories are fantastic or horrific, depending on what you want to tell… but because you CHOSE to serve in a capacity where you put your country ahead of yourself.
I want to take the time to say to everyone in the military that might be reading this THANK YOU and I love all our service men and women very much.  I know you hear it on TV or on the radio from different people and it sounds kinda insincere.  But from me, and everything I just mentioned above, this one is deep from my heart to all of you in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard that serve to keep this country safe and to protect the values of life that United States Citizens have very quickly taken for granted.
So to all of you celebrating July 4th 2010, PLEASE make sure you remember the real reason why this holiday is here.  It’s not because it gives you a day off.  It’s not because it gives you a chance to see family.  It’s not because it gives you a chance to go to the park and see a bunch of fireworks while the 1812 Overture (note – do your history on this song too) is being played during the show.  No.  It is because of the soldiers that give their lives every day and the fallen soldiers that GAVE their lives so that we are able to continue to live ours.

May 14, 2010

The Cleveland LeBrons...

Ok I figured that would catch some of you basketball folks out there. So now the Cleveland LeBrons are on an early vacation.

Ladies & Gentlemen of the jury, how many of you are actually surprised by this??

*looking around* I see a few hands up out there, a couple of shrugs, but for the most part no one is.

Now, Brother Phlip, posted up about the Cleveland Collapse and he goes in on the different ways that Cleveland failed as a basketball team to include the "King" LeBron...

HOWEVER (note: Sorry Phlip, I had to do it)....

I see this rather differently....

Maybe LeBron wasn't really hurt... he just SAID he was hurt to:
  • Gain sympathy from the home team & fans (although he might not have may after the way he played).
  • Say that was the reason for his crappy play

he completely TANKED these games so bad so that he could be given a reason to leave Cleveland.

I mean think about it... he said post game that his team got spoiled that he was doing all the work. Wouldn't that piss off your whole team to want to get rid of you??

Plus let's look at this fact also... this year, he is now a free agent. Because of his name alone (granted not his championship caliber, but his NAME), he can go to whatever team he wants to.

But let's be real about the situation, the writing has been on the wall for a long time & most say that he will go to New York.

How can I say that? Very easily, actually... let's look at the evidence.

How many pictures have been shown of LeBron hanging out with some of NY's so-called Elite?
How many pictures have been shown of LeBron wearing a NY Yankee Ball Cap? For that matter, he's even been to a number of Yankee games. How many CLEVELAND INDIAN games has he been to?? As far as I know, NONE!!!

Plus the Knicks have cleared out a gang of money by getting rid of a good portion of scrubs that they have. Add to the fact that D-Wade will be a free agent this year as well. The possible talks are of bringing the two together to put them on a so-called Super Team.

Now will this actually happen??? Who knows. It's possible, but this summer's NBA trade and draft will be interesting to say the least.

Plus, I LOVE this picture too, seeing that I know the source & it's great!!!

LeBron getting pwnt by Rondo

March 11, 2010

A Step-Show Travesty

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my new blog. At the behest of my homie Phlip, I finally got a blog together. Now of course it's gonna be my thoughts on various items I feel like. So to start off my first official blog, it's my thoughts on the Sprite Step-Off Competition that was co-posted on Phlip's spot earlier this month.

So please read and enjoy.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a Youtube video where the Sprite Step-Off Competition Sorority Division shows the team that won.

Here’s the video:

Go ahead and take 10 minutes to take a look.

Watched it? Good. Ok, I have to say that was extremely impressive!! Now they won and because of that, ALL of the so-called “Divine Nine” (that’s what they call themselves, seriously) Sororities are up in ARMs that a white sorority from the University of Arkansas won.

Apparently, about a week later, there was a “scoring discrepancy” and they made the runner-up team (I don’t care about who they are) co-first place winners.

Really??? Seriously??

So let me get this straight: because a white sorority OUT-STEPPED all of the “Divine Nine” then they come up with a fake error and award a black sorority co-winners out of what sympathy?? Something smells rotten to me. I’ve seen some of the comments not only on that video but elsewhere that talked about this, and the only thing I can liken it to be is the exact same hatred and racism as the fraternities and sororities that denied black folks all those years ago. And now because you all think that because stepping is done in mostly black frats & sorors that a white team has no place?? Again, I say: “REALLY????”

There’s more hatred going on here than anything that the KKK could ever do.

Look, the bottom line is this: All you black sororities got seriously OUT-STEPPED!!! No more, no less. These white girls put it down and did better than anyone gave them credit for. This should be a message to you Deltas, Alphas, and whatever other “Divine Nine” Sorority I forgot to mention, to STEP YA DAMN GAME UP and DO NEW STUFF!!!!

Now I know plenty of people and family members that are in Frats & Sorors. If it works for them, cool. But as far as I (and apparently many others) have seen, what real purpose do they serve?

Now, Brother Phlip emailed me a list that breaks down the difference between gangs and these “Divine Nine”. After I read it, the only real difference I can see is that these are gangs for the “educated Negroes”.

I don’t know…. Maybe I see things different from most others, but you tell me.