March 26, 2012

An Analysis of Tim Tebow

Now I’m not a long time football fan. I just started getting into it I’d say around 93-94, but really seriously started watching in 95. I mean I started watching during the time when the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida State Seminoles were the two ungodly teams to beat in college football. As far as pro football goes, now I’ve caught a few games growing up, like a few Super Bowls here and there (Chi 85 and the NYG 91) but it was limited.

So in my watching I’ve seen players come and go. But none have caught the world stage like this new guy by the name of Timotheus Tiberius Tebow (I know that’s not his official full gov’t name, but it sounds good to me. In fact, I don’t even KNOW his middle name and don’t really care). I mean no one is questioning the dude as far as the type of person he is, or his beliefs.

HOWEVER, what does come into question are his skills on the field. In the law of averages, he would be at the bottom of the curve. I mean for 3 quarters he stinks up the joint, but in the 4th he goes into, I don’t know, like a Captain Caveman mode and turns into a live action John Madden Football game, putting up points and stats that a worse QB would love to have!

And this is where the problem comes in. Some of the analysts and fans say that “That’s all he needs. The first 3 quarters don’t matter”. But yet others say an all-around game not just in the 4th is needed. And that’s where the debate gets muddled.

People have said that John Elway and Coach John Fox dealt him a raw deal by saying that they never believed in him from jump. I don’t think so. So while I was mowing the lawn earlier today, I had one of my Epiphonic Thoughts (yes that is a phrase that only I use on a regular because sometimes my thoughts are...... Epiphonic *hand jive*) and came up with a layman-terms way to describe the Tebow Scenario.

Picture This Scene *imagination/flashback sound effect*:

You work for a company on a regular 8 hour shift and this new guy starts working there with a lot of fanfare from other people on the job, including a few higher-ups. Now, you’ve heard that this dude isn’t all that great and he lacks a few fundamentals to work the job, but he was hired on anyway to work in the mail room.

Now the guy that’s beside you he’s been doing well, but it’s not enough. He has a couple of bad days in the office and brings production down, and so everyone wants to have the new guy take his place immediately. Giving in to pressure from all sides, the Department Manager and General Manager bring him in & tell him to go for what he knows. So this guy starts off working with you full time. But you’re noticing something off. For about 6 hours, he works completely below standard that your department sets for itself. But in the last two hours of the work day, he (somehow) gets motivated and does great work and nearly everyone loves it!!

You’re thinking to yourself: “Hold up…. Who allows someone to work like this and get away with it?” You also realize that he’s not that good at the position that he was given, but if he were utilized in a different department all-together, he’d be great. The Department Manager and General Manager have their hands tied for the time being because he’s getting results, but not that often. You bust @$$ daily to do your job the best you can the entire day and your efforts are ignored because this dude has become the darling of the company.

But in the back of the mind of the two managers that brought him in, they’re thinking: “Ok he does get results… but not to company standards”. So for a year this goes on and a few others are starting to see this guy as not a great worker, but the results he generates can’t be denied.

Addendum - While management holds doubts on the employee, he totally wins over his co-workers and gets them to work harder than they ever have, thus making the company benefit from OVERALL increased production across the board.

So it now comes time for the end of the year evaluation. Majority of the office and department want the guy kept…but wait:

A veteran has been working in the same field for over 13 years and he was let go by the company he was with for that entire time. This vet has guaranteed work ethic for the entire day!
So your DM & GM make a decision that we should get this guy as fast as possible and send the other guy packing as well for not really being able to produce like he should. So the Vet gets brought in and the new guy gets Future Endeavored so another company can hire based solely on his hype and rough-shod work ethic.

Now, replace the new guy with Tim Tebow and the Vet guy with Peyton Manning and that’s basically the situation in its entirety!!!

Now I know it’s not that simple, but if you really and truly think about it…

Look at everything happening up to this point and replay it all in your mind and you will see that…

Yeah, it is.

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